Against Me


My best friend Mike’s Dad, we call him Doc, used to always say “You have to ask yourself one question, have you had your butt kicked today?”. That used to always make us laugh. I was reminded of this anecdote while getting my butt kicked physically, mentally and most of all, audibly (is that a word?) at the Against Me! show at 930 Club on Nov. 13.

Against Me! are a very motivated and politically-charged folk-punk rock band from Gainesville, FL. Their most recent album, New Wave, is a very tight album with quick, hyper songs infused with their political ideals and tales of trials and tribulations. Their show outdid the album, as they entranced their 930 Club crowd with their brand of rock.

Frontman Tom Gabel has an impressive presence, while getting energetic support from bassist Andrew, guitarist/vocalist James and drummer Warren. Highlights included White People for Peace, Thrash Unreal and Americans Abroad. You can’t but help scream the lyrics back to these guys as the pour their hearts out onstage. Rock on.against-me-tour.jpg

Side note: Tom duets with Tegan Quin (of Tegan and Sara) on a beautiful track called Borne on the FM Waves on the recent New Wave record. Check it out on their MySpace page.


One Response to “Against Me”

  1. The show melted my face and made me ashamed that I am addicted to Starbucks. Savage.

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