Review: Cold War Kids @ 930 Club 11/28


Cold War Kids are one of the most buzzed about indie rock bands out there and produced one of the best albums of 2006 in Robbers and Cowards. Having passed through DC a couple times already once at 930 and previously at our first introduction to this dynamic band at DC9 as part of the Damfest 06, this show sold out in a hot minute and was easily one of the most highly anticipated of the year. With pre-show talk of new material to be played that night, the crowd was ready and the Kids exceeded expectations. Their blend of gospel rock, piano-laden melodies and indie rock staples pleased the crowd while treating everyone to four of their new tracks. Dreams Old Men, Look Out Below, Audience of One and Something Wrong with Me being the new songs (if anyone has mp3’s let me know), with Wrong with Me standing out the most (it was a great track, sounded like a new hit to me) played right before the encore which was Sermon vs. Gospel and a hootenanny of a version of Saint John with all the members of the opening acts joining the band onstage. Definitely one of the best shows of 2007. My friend Ryan shot some kick ass photos which can be found here.


2 Responses to “Review: Cold War Kids @ 930 Club 11/28”

  1. Hi,

    nice cold war kids picture by your friends, thanks to link liveon35mm on your blogroll, I guess you saw mine from their London gig.


  2. […] Cold War Kids – Album & Show Coming Soon We all love the Cold War Kids. Nathan and the fellas have a new album coming out in September and are playing the 930 Club on October 18th. Check out my review of their last 930 Club show here. […]

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