Yeasayer/MGMT at Black Cat 1/16…sold out? Perhaps not.


Interesting things afoot on this here interweb and in the DC live music scene. I have been trying desperately to get tickets to the upcoming Yeasayer/MGMT show at the Black Cat tomorrow night (and by desperately trying, I mean I’m kicking myself in the nuts for slacking on tix when I had knowledge of the show for a month) and now there is an online movement taking place to get the show moved from Backstage downstairs to the Mainstage upstairs. This basically means that plenty of additional tickets will come available. Our friends at Brightest Young Things have a post explaining the situation and there is also a Facebook event/group that has been created. This could be really cool if the show were moved upstairs.

Aside from the movement, what’s creating this situation and this buzz is the amazing music of Yeasayer and MGMT. I recently started listening to these two bands and their sound is dope. This is truly a must-see show.

Here are the links:

Brightest Young Things explains the situation.

Facebook steez.

Yeasayer’s management/contact:

Rock on. Power to the people (and the world wide web).

P.S. Although this show is definitely a must-see, there is another option! Blonde Redhead is playing the 930 Club tomorrow night and should be a great show in its own right.


2 Responses to “Yeasayer/MGMT at Black Cat 1/16…sold out? Perhaps not.”

  1. No Chance Lance Says:

    I heard that Frauke is coming into town, are you going to be blogging about their show in DC?

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