Review: Editors at 930 Club 1/15

Tom Smith from The Editors - Live at 930 Club

The Editors returned to DC Tuesday night at the 930 Club with support from Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV. Unfortunately, I only made it for the beginning of the Editors show and missed the first two bands because my boy Saj and I were trying to sneak into the Lil Wayne/Wale Nikeboots “secret” show at Ibiza (which is a whole other story for another time). After failing the squeezy into Weezy, I rolled to 930 Club to meet up with friends at Editors.

The Editors definitely put on the best show I’ve seen them perform in the three times I’ve seen them. They were on fucking point. I swear lead vocalist/guitarist Tom Smith must have starred in musicals or something because the dude exudes his music with a flair for the dramatic. And he wasn’t holding anything back, complete with his version of jazz hands and self-embraces. He can flat-out sing his ass off. I think a particular shout-out should go to lead guitarist Chris Urbanowicz for those nifty rapid piercing guitar riffs he churns out. I particularly had a crush on End Has a Start, All Sparks, Munich, Smokers and Racing Rats.

I must say that although I don’t like to make comparisons that often, they do remind me at times of Joy Division. Perhaps its because I’ve been going to the vault recently and listening to Ian Curtis and the boys because of the movie Control. Or The Killers cover of Shadowplay on the soundtrack to the flick.

The night ended well over at a post-party at DC9 with Ryan (credit for the pic above and BYT pics) and Svetlana from BYT. The guys from Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV were there too hanging out and watching their songs and videos played on the big screen. Which was weird but sweet. But not as weird and sweet as HHH frontman Steve Bays’ hair though.


One Response to “Review: Editors at 930 Club 1/15”

  1. Hey man Not sure if you remember me but I was one of the dudes you met at DC9 after the show. I enjoy your blog man…good stuff. I’ll keep you updated with my band…Theodore & Leopold

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