Mars Volta-Rams Head Live Bmore 1/18


I have been a fan of Mars Volta‘s music for a while, and although I must say their brand of progressive/psychedelic rock can be quite intriguing at times, it loses me other times. But At the Drive-In is a whole other situation, they straight up kicked ass (listen to Relationship of Command). That aside, I have wanted to see them live for a long time and loved Frances the Mute. I have heard nothing but great things about their live set and saw a clip of their performance in a Coachella documentary a year or two back and it was SICK. They are at Rams Head Live in Baltimore tonight (it is sold out, but you never know). Here is their performance of their new single, Wax Simulacra from their forthcoming album, Bedlam vs. Goliath on Letterman last night. Enjoy. (Above photo from their show at Terminal 5 in NY on Monday night credit Brooklyn Vegan)


3 Responses to “Mars Volta-Rams Head Live Bmore 1/18”

  1. Please support Omar’s solo album coming out on N2O Records February 5!!

    Take a look at his personal page

    This music is bound to push new limits, and will cater to all mars volta fans as well!!!

  2. Pat,
    Your blog is great…I am very proud of you. However, I did not enjoy listening to Mars Volta….too loud…no tune.. Love you

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