Review: Blonde Redhead @ 930 Club 1/16


I had no idea what to expect heading into 930 Club to see Blonde Redhead last Wednesday night. I had limited exposure to their music but liked what I had heard to that point, and casually knew the band was two brothers and a Japanese woman. It turned out the brothers Pace, Simone and Amedeo as well as the lovely Kazu Makino were very charming.

Although the set had its ebbs and flows and an admission of having not played together in a couple weeks by Kazu (it was apparently their first show of this tour) the set did have its highlights. The track Spring and by Summer Fall and 23 are simply amazing songs. Simone definitely was orchaestrating the show from behind his drum kit and had help from his mastery of a drum and sampling machines. Kazu and Amedeo play well off each other while trading vocals and guitar duties. Kazu has an amazing voice, played graceful keys and had some sweet dance moves to complement her stylish dress and boots.

And this may be just me (which is ok) but at a quick glance Simone, even though he was creating art with his drumming, reminded me of Wayne Coyne from Flaming Lips. Strange.

Good show overall, not great, but solid. A poignant review by John and amazing photos shot by Pat from our friends at BYT here. (above photo credit copyright Pat Jarrett,, all rights reserved)


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