Blisspop: Best Party Eva @ 930 2.8


Been a long week? Looking for something to do tonight? Thinking this might be a good night to dance your ass off? Here’s what you’re looking for: Blisspop’s dance party tonight at 930 Club. Blisspop and our friends at BrightestYoungThings are throwing a jumpoff with DJ Dave Nada, 33Hz, Will Eastman and DJ Meistro. Nada is one of DC’s best and always gets the party rocking with his blend of mashups, electro and all sorts of crazy shit. 33Hz is an electro-rock trio from NYC that has a Chromeo feel. Eastman is another DC favorite known for his indie/house/club and Blisspop parties and Meistro pushes out tight Hip-Hop/Reggae and runs Top Ranking at Napoleon. Should be THE jumpoff tonight. OH, and it’s only 12 beans. Get in the mix. Check out this video for the party using that crazy Australian party kid. (full video here-hilarious)


One Response to “Blisspop: Best Party Eva @ 930 2.8”

  1. money – be there kids

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