Review: Justice at 930 Club 3.13


French electro duo Justice rode the MySpace train into DC last night and rocked a sold out – packed, sweaty, ass-shaking crowd last night at 930 Club. I first learned of Justice while checking out some old Daft Punk mixes and have been hooked ever since. Having drawn obvious comparisons to their Ed Banger labelmates, Justice (real names Gaspard AugĂ© and Xavier de Rosnay) has carved a decent niche in seperating themselves from their robotronic countrymen. Before I get into the general details of the show, this is what I have to say. Justice fucking killed it.

Busy P, aka Pedro Winter, owner of Ed Banger Records and manager for Daft Punk and Justice, got the night started off right. Busy P was having such a good time mixing tracks on two CDJs, keeping the crowd hyped and overall setting the tone for the evening. P was dropping bangers from his Ed Banger records collection as well as classics like Beastie Boys So Watcha Want (he was rocking a Beasties Tee). Despite getting shit thrown on him from up in the VIP balcony by those mischievous headliners, P’s set was dope and he finished with Prodigy’s Smack my Bitch Up.

As a suprise performer for the evening, DC rapper and Justice collaborator Wale got in the mix after Busy P. With an abbreviated set, Wale delivered some of his hits like Waledance and Nikeboots which was alright but I did feel he broke up a certain energy to the evening. He is pretty tight and probably deserves another listen or another live performance where he is on his own and has more time.

Then it was Justice time. Their setup was immense-nine massive Marshall amps flanking their signature illuminated cross. It was pretty badass, straightup. They wasted no time in getting the place raging, dropping Genesis from the top. These two chain-smoking beatmasters (seriously, their French, they could give a fuck about a DC smoking ban. My brother Doug joked he was surprised they weren’t chomping on long cigarette holders) moved seamlessly through their set moving from song to song on their album Crosses as well as some of their remixes. Highlights included DVNO, Phantom, D.A.N.C.E, Waters of Nazareth, and remixes of As Above So Below by the Klaxons, Three Six Mafia’s Stay Fly (!), and a Metallica song I can’t remember (someone comment and help me with that one). They also played two encores and although they touched on the song throughout the set, they finished with a dope rendition of We Are Your Friends (a Simian Mobile Disco blend). Definitely check out Justice if you have the chance in the future. They are here to stay and rage.

Pics courtesy of Ryan. Below vid of set-opening track Genesis courtesy of Mark Alexandre.


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  1. great writeup. SO MAD I MISSED THIS

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