Fleet Foxes @ Black Cat 7.7.08 – Review

Fleet Foxes live – cred: BlushPhoto

UPDATE-July 8: Mesmerizing. Humble. Choral. Amazing.

“This is a staggering number of people,” said Robin Pecknold, frontman for Fleet Foxes, after the bands opening track. “I’m staggered.” Displaying humility and amazement to the packed, sold-out Black Cat, the Fleet Foxes wowed the eager crowd last night. Pecknold had a unique way about him after each song, thanking the crowd and nodding in appreciation with an almost uncertainty of the crowds reaction. He also had a killer cough, slamming tea and water throughout the show but still wailing out his vocals. With the exception of post -song eruption of cheers, the house was dead quiet while the band broke into their catalog of choral harmonies, twangy guitars, folk rock and “baroque pop jams”.

The Foxes opened with the title track from their EP, Sun Giant, a colossal number that begins acapella. They also played White Water Hymnal, English House, Drops in the River, Ragged Wood and my personal favorite – Mykonos. The crowd was floored in awe when Pecknold performed by himself, singing Oliver James in the middle of the set and playing Tiger Mountain Peasant Song for the encore. This was a performance to remember.

NPR’s All Songs Considered was in the house and has a full stream of the show here.

Solid reviews from Valerie at DCist here and from Aaron at BYT here.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: My friend Stephen Voss, a very talented DC-based photographer, shot these amazing photos of the band while on assignment for Fader. Check them out. Check out Stephen’s work here.

July 3 – Preview – The show I’m most looking forward to right now is Fleet Foxes at the Black Cat this Monday night. My friend Ryan turned me onto them about 6 months ago or so, as they are from his hometown of Seattle and he was going to catch them at the Cat backstage around that time. I couldn’t go to that show and was bitter about it, which is why I’m looking forward to this on at the Cat on Monday.

The Foxes are following in the recent trend of this tough-to-describe indie-alt country-jam band genre similar to Band of Horses, Bon Iver, Blitzen Trapper and Black Mountain (and possibly My Morning Jacket, although they are tough to place in any category). They call their music “baroque harmonic pop jams”. They also have a Beach Boys feel at times. Their recent self titled record received a 9 rating from Pitchfork. Pitchfork also just put up their new video for White Winter Hymnal here. Catch them this Monday, July 7 at the Black Cat, a great way to come back from a 4th of July weekend with some Americana rock.

Check out this video of them performing White Winter Hymnal at SXSW (where I was as well and missed them – again.)


2 Responses to “Fleet Foxes @ Black Cat 7.7.08 – Review”

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  2. Amazing music very musical and harmonious.

    One word applies: WOW

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