Review: 2 Skinnee J’s at 930 Club – 8.6

(Ed: This post was written by my friend and roommate, Kelly Driscoll)

The 2 Skinnee J’s kicked off their 2008 Reunion Tour at the 9:30 Club in DC Wednesday. It’s been five years since their last album, full-scale tour and their 7/18 Farewell Extravaganza. They were a little rusty, but nobody goes to see the J’s because Special J sounds like Pavarotti. The J’s remain a band that can’t really be appreciated without seeing them live, no matter how much you might like their albums. (Or because Stumpy used his mind-control powers to make us buy tickets). While their musical chops might have dulled a bit in the last five years, the crowd still feeds off their enthusiasm and connects with them because it’s so easy to see how much fun they’re having.

Wednesday night, the J’s came out rocking some crazy glow-in-the-dark Indian (casino, not call center) costumes and went right into 7-1-8 and Get in the Van. For the next two hours they plowed through a set list that was heavy on the old favorites from SuperMercado and Volumizer with only a few selections from Sexy Karate thrown into the mix. Along the way, Stumpy came out to a new theme song but he was still ‘smack’n that ass”. Fan’s got to play “2 Skinnee J’s Guitar Hero” as the band played The Wammy. George Bush and John McCain rocked out in the background when the band took a serious turn for Who Wants This. The crowd went apeshit for the Riot Nrrrd and the Jedi Medley of F.D.L.F.L.T.R.M, Irresistible Force and Mindtrick. And finally, the house went dark when the J’s got chased off stage by the diabolical Sgt. Stiletto. Lucky for us, Stumpy didn’t make the crowd wait too long before they came back for a quick encore. The encore started with a humble tribute to themselves in The Best, then videos from a backyard barbeque with the band and friends played in the background as they gave in to pleas for B-B-Q from the fans. The end was perfect as the J’s played their way out of the 9:30 club with Sugar and Candy. The show was great, the band rocked out and for a couple hours, everybody got Skinnee.


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