Eddie Vedder – Warner Theatre

A busy work schedule, the late summer weekends and the start of football season have made it especially difficult to find time for posts. Alas here I am half-assing a recap of a most amazing show that took place a couple weeks ago. Eddie Vedder’s amazing solo performance at Washington DC’s Warner Theatre. With LIam Finn serving as a solid opener, Vedder ambled onto the stage for the first of two nights at the historic and ornate theater, to a amped up crowd. He began the evening with a stirring rendition of Daniel Johnston’s Walking the Cow.

We anticipated with it being DC and Vedder and elections heating up there would be some political conversation, what we didn’t anticipate was drunken idiots yelling random things every 30 seconds. But I digress. Vedder took us through a couple covers including the Beatles Blackbird, hide your love away (very cool sing a long happening here), a couple Pearl Jam songs and most of the Into the Wild soundtrack. One thing that was particularly evident was how accomplished a guitar player Ed has become, showing his talent for the instrument on a variety of songs and on a variety of guitars, including a mandolin and a ukelele (I think). A very cool ending to the set was his use of a vocal loop, before he came back out and played a killer version of Hard Sun with Finn on drums. Pics courtesy of Mick Arieta (above) and Larry Hughes.


One Response to “Eddie Vedder – Warner Theatre”

  1. i loved this show and have been trying to find out where I can get a recording – do you know where i can grab one?

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