Review: My Morning Jacket – DAR Constitution Hall – Weds 9.3

My Morning Jacket rocked Constitution Hall last week. I had heard and read that MMJ were the shit live and they lived up to their expectations, playing a pretty amazing set. I usually have down on Constitution Hall but this time I was digging it – whether it was my seat locations or the fact that we could bring our drinks inside the Hall (when did that start?).

Jim James was whaling on his guitar while donning capes and towels on his head. The band was tight and fed off each other. The lightshow was immense and the band gave off a Floyd-esque feel while mixing in their folk rock reverb psychedelic hybrid. Highlights for me included Off the Record, I’m Amazed, Wordless Chorus and the best way to end of the show with Touch Me Pt. 2 then One Big Holiday.

SETLIST: Evil Urges,Anytime, Off The Record, Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt.1, Two Halves, Golden, Thank You Too!, I’m Amazed,The Way That He Sings, Sec Walkin, War Begun, Phone Went West, Cobra, Librarian, Dondante, Gideon, Lay Low, Steam Engine ENCORE: Wordless Chorus, Highly Suspicious, Smokin From Shootin, Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt.2, Run Thru, One Big Holiday

Photo above by Valerio at Live on 35MM and some additional dope photos by FaithDesired here. Poster below by El Jefe Designs.


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