Manifest Hope: DC, Manifest Dope!


A personal highlight of my Inauguration Weekend experiences was the Manifest Hope: DC Exhibit in Georgetown on M Street. I visited on Saturday and was immediately floored by the amazing pieces with various themes dominantly Obama, Inauguration, but other patriotic and iconic art that filled the space. Shepard Fairey, street art provocateur turned Obama art icon, was a fixture of the installation with his new Inauguration piece, with pieces from a slew of other artists in a variety of styles and mediums.

I was also very fortunate to attend the closing (much thanks to Svetlana and Dakota) which was a blast. Attendees were treated to performances by Santogold, De La Soul (who were on fire and are celebrating their 20th anniversary with an album and tour this year) and a DJ set by Moby. Bonuses included open bar and random celebrity run-ins by Adrian Grenier, Michael Stipe, Rosario Dawson, Heather Graham and these two television actresses.

Photos taken by yours truly on a sweet CVS disposable digital camera after the jump. Amazing photos by my bro Dakota Fine and my girl Jane Briggs here.












One Response to “Manifest Hope: DC, Manifest Dope!”

  1. The CVS disposable takes some nice pics homey. That party was seriously bananas. I’m in love with Olivia Wilde… she’s from D.C. Too bad I didn’t know she was there until after the fact; I otherwise would have proposed.

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