US Royalty at Rock and Roll Hotel with Lissy Trullie TONIGHT!

DC native sons US Royalty are playing a huge show tonight at Rock and Roll Hotel. These guys just recently rocked SXSW and did me a huge favor by bringing the house down at my birthday party two weeks ago (check out the photos here). The band, a group of great guys and very talented musicians, have a raw but approachable sound and put on a crushing high-energy live show. Tonight will be something not to miss. DC to NYC transplant Lissy Trullie is opening. Check her out too – she has a nice cover of Hot Chips Ready for the Floor and some other sweet tunes. The guys are also having an after party at Jimmy Valentine‘s.

Here’s some recent quotes about US Royalty:

“These kids sound like a garage-band Beach Boys…but not stupid enough to neglect pop-culture chords and drum beats that let you dance.”

“U.S. Royalty is (fittingly) a Washington, D.C.-based outfit that specializes in swaggering, soul-infused indie rock; imagine Cold War Kids if you replaced their pseudo-gospel sermonizing with dizzily descending guitar lines and a brighter outlook on life.”’s Buzzcatcher feature

“The svelte, shaggy-haired foursome is a little Killers and a little Okkervil River, with smooth chord progressions and harmonies reminiscent of early American Bandstand.”Modern Luxury Magazine


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